Why Network Marketing?

Network Marketing has been around for decades. It is often called Multi Level Marketing or MLM. However, in our experience, MLM is used often as a derogatory description, which we will explain. We find Network Marketing to be a much better and more accurate description.

The first question we would like to answer is “why are we marketing these products this way? Why not just sell them in stores like other products.

  • The answer is very simple and straightforward. While many products, like apples and oranges, need very little instruction on their use and do well in retail stores, it’s quite different for high quality natural wellness products like ours. Good luck going to a retail store and finding anyone who will spend any significant time helping you to understand products like ours. When you become a customer of Earth Oasis Wellness or one of our Wellness Advocates, you get a group of people who will be there to assist you in understanding and using our products.

Now, we have found that some people have concerns about purchasing products through a network marketing company. These worries are usually based upon some experience in the past or because a friend has warned them away from it. Let us put your mind at ease. We are not like any network marketing company that has come before us. Please visit our common concerns page, where right at the beginning we answer these peoples common concerns about purchasing our products.

The second question we would to like to answer is, “well, isn’t doTERRA a Multi Level Marketing Company?”

  • The answer is yes. But like we said above, we prefer network marketing company.

Let us explain. Some people have had a bad experience being involved in certain MLM companies in the past. Of course some people have had a bad experience being involved with traditional companies in the past. So does that mean that no traditional company can be trusted? Of course not!

The other objection some people have with network marketing is that people doing it as a business make money off the efforts of other people. Don’t the CEO and all the Executives and Managers of your local grocery store make money from the efforts of other people? Yes. It’s called a business. Anyone who owns a company and has employees, makes money from their efforts.

Network Marketing is a great way to market and educate people about high quality products that don’t do well in traditional retail stores. Essential Oils and other natural wellness products are an example. dōTERRA, the company we are Wellness Advocates for is doing Network Marketing better than any company in history, in our opinion. One example of a better, more efficient way of doing business is that in the past a person who wanted to start a network marketing business, typically needed to purchase cases of products to distribute to their customers. dōTERRA has invested millions of dollars in state of the art computer systems so we all get our products through their Internet website. We don’t typically stock products to sell to our customers, you get them directly from dōTERRA (and they usually arrive very quickly.)